QSAN dành giải thưởng thiết kế Japan Good Design Award 2018


Taipei City, Taiwan – October 3, 2018 – Good Design Award, one of the world’s top four international design awards, announced its winner today. QSAN is the first Taiwanese manufacturer to receive Good Design Award for NAS, demonstrating the design process and product development capabilities comparable to those of the world’s largest manufacturers. The award-winning product – XCubeNAS, stands out from over 4000 participating products.

XCubeNAS product line is designed to meet the storage needs of modern companies and work groups, providing enterprise grade data protection, performance, and scalability, as well as such convenient features such as tool-less disk installation, fast and convenient memory upgrade maintenance, noise reduction and less dust accumulation. Each model in XCubeNAS product line is equipped with additional SSD slot primary used for caching or auto-tiering and providing QSAN’s NASes with stable performance even under extreme workloads.

XCubeNAS series embedded with exclusive operation system, QSM 3.1. The brand new QSM 3.1 firmware offers improved performance, data reliability, storage capacity, and more cloud and local backup solutions. ZFS, RAID Z3, Volume Backup between NASes, File Retention Control are among multiple enterprise features offered by XCubeNAS. With QSAN’s innovative Operating System, QSM, users can quickly implement their XCubeNAS into their working environment.

Learn more about Good Design Award, please visit: http://www.g-mark.org/about/
Learn more about XCubeNAS: https://www.qsan.com/en/xcubenas_design/
Learn more about QSM 3.1: https://www.qsan.com/qsm_en/
Learn more about XN5004T: https://www.qsan.com/en/products/XN5004T
Learn more about XN8008T: https://www.qsan.com/en/products/XN8008T

About QSAN

QSAN Technology, leading storage technology designer and manufacturer, was founded in July 2004. Building on our vast experience in the industry, QSAN strives to build enterprise class storage systems that pride ourselves with outstanding performance, secure data protection and comprehensive data management. QSAN endeavors to provide the industry with high quality data storage systems that are simple, secure, scalable and reliable.
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