QSAN phát hành Firmware QSM 3.1 cho dòng sản phẩm XCubeNAS

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Taipei City, Taiwan – September 17, 2018 – QSAN Technology Inc., an enterprise data storage manufacturer, today has unveiled the new QSM 3.1 OS for their entire XCubeNAS series. The brand new QSM 3.1 firmware offers improved performance and new features which helps users have higher data reliability, better storage capacity efficiency, and more cloud and local backup solutions.
As with the previous QSM, QSAN keeps evolving the enhancments of its fundamental features, user-friendly GUI design, and performance improvements. In QSM 3.1, we are proud to support the triple-parity RAID group, RAID Z3. File retention options for users to choose how long the files stay in your system, which significantly increases the storage capacity efficiency. For easily backing up data, we are proud to release QSAN’s unique technology, XMirror, it supports Volume-Level backup between 8 different locations.

Moreover, by implementing ZFS’s native snapshot and the retention policy, snapshots can protect your data almost indefinitely. Also, restoring files from previous snapshots cannot be simpler than this.

In a cloud backup solution, we are pleased to announce that QSM are now S3 compatible including Hicloud S3. In private cloud solutions, the S3 language has become the industry standard and QSAN’s XCubeNAS is the best partner for enterprises to create their own cloud.

With QSAN’s innovative Operating System, QSM, users can quickly implement their XCubeNAS to their workstation. With the utilities provided by QSAN, accessing your XCubeNAS as simple as plug in and go.

Key Specification


  • Support RAID Z3 in creating or expanding the pool.


  • Snapshot lock.
  • Snapshot retention policy.
  • Snapshot single file restore.


  • Xmirror volume-level backup support
  • Cloud backup support HiCloud S3
  • Cloud backup support S3 compatible


  • Folder retention


All products in XCubeNAS product line.
Learn through practice for our XCubeNAS on XCubeNAS Demo Site.

About QSAN

QSAN Technology, leading storage technology designer and manufacturer, was founded in July 2004. Building on our vast experience in the industry, QSAN strives to build enterprise class storage systems that pride ourselves with outstanding performance, secure data protection and comprehensive data management. QSAN endeavors to provide the industry with high quality data storage systems that are simple, secure, scalable and reliable.
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