Godwin đạt được QCP Gold Level Partner

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Taipei City, Taiwan – August 10, 2018 – QSAN has rewarded to Godwin as Gold level certified partner. Godwin now can provide customers services with certified technical competencies for NAS and SAN.
The purpose of the QSAN Certified Partner (QCP) Program is to bring A-class enterprise-grade network storage solutions at a leading price-performance ratio to the storage market.

QCP offers its partners independent technical training in the latest QSAN Solutions and provides them with invaluable branding resources, incentivizing our partners to add value to their QSAN Storage business by rewarding them via value-based advancement.

“I am sure that in the present market QSAN is a leader in storage thanks to quality-technology-price ratio. Recently we have supplied QSAN storage to a very famous Russian retailer. The customer was happy with it and almost immediately decided to buy one more unit of XCubeSAN for another location. We plan to increase QSAN sales and believe in big potential of QSAN products in the Russian market”, – says Aleksey Gogorev, Godwin’s Sales Director.

To Learn more about QSAN Certified Partner, please visit here


About Godwin

Godwin specializes in supplying IT equipment and software to corporate customers in Russia. It focuses on quality and service helping customers to solve different tasks connected with development of their IT infrastructure and gaining more revenue using cutting edge technologies. Godwin also manufactures desktops, storage and server equipment. Godwin is a multi-vendor reseller providing its customers with the best solutions for particular tasks. As for storage systems Godwin has very positive experience with QSAN brand.
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